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35 29 Share Sort by: Open comment sort options Add a Comment JustHereForUndertale • 1 yr. ago We have no way of knowing since he uses one of the cults 'immortality necklaces' but he didnt look much younger when Lila was Skid's age, so he's much older than lila.

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The article in the everything says that he was arrested 3 years ago for attacking a woman (Lila) and her son (skid). 1. Share. iJustShowdUp. • 10 mo. ago. Rip streb. 1. r/spookymonth. Join.

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Bob Velseb is the secondary antagonist of the Spooky Month series by Sr. Pelo. He is a cannibalistic serial killer who claims many lives every Halloween. After escaping prison, he targets Skid and Pump the next Halloween as payback against the former's mother for getting him arrested. He is also the archenemy of Lila, Skid, Pump, and Jaune. He was originally voiced by the series creator, Sr.

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Spooky Month is an annual Halloween Horror Comedy cartoon series made by Sr. Pelo for Newgrounds and YouTube. The series follows the misadventures of Skid and Pump, two hyperactive and Halloween-obsessed children who regularly venture out into the night to enjoy the titular Spooky Month — even if it isn't October.

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Grandma is the grandmother of Skid and the mother of Lila. She only appears in it's spooky month. Her appearance is like that of a zombie, an almost rotting corpse, but she seemingly managed to live despite this in the first episode. She shares her grandson's love of Halloween. She is dead now, as her grave is in Spooky Month 2, "The Stars." Pelito is a kid character (who draws resemblance to.

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0:00 / 24:48 Spooky Month 5 - Tender Treats Sr Pelo 6.59M subscribers Subscribe Subscribed 16M views 1 year ago The kids celebrate halloween like no one! they trick or treat in everysingle.

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© 2023 Google LLC Bob Velseb From Spooky Month Explained in fnf (Skid and Pump)SrPelo - Creator of Spooky Month:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AoQfV_PlNrsBeelzebub Artwork Fr.

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13K Share 585K views 1 year ago It's the Spooky Before Christmas, and Bob Velseb has his eye on one of the Tender Treats he'd missed out on last Spooky Month - Lila. Skid and Pump are off.

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RAW - Bob Velseb (Spooky Month - Tender Treats) Original Song WITH LYRICS Lyrics: A smear of mustard on your cheeks / A dab of ketchup on your knee / So nice to meet such thoughtful meat…

Spooky Month Bob X Reader

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Spooky Month is a Newgrounds and YouTube animated series made by Sr Pelo .

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Spooky Month Bob X Reader

r/spookymonth: The unofficial subreddit for the yearly animated series "Spooky Month" created by Sr. Pelo.

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