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Santo Antão ( Portuguese for "Saint Anthony") is the westernmost island of Cape Verde. At 785 km 2 (303 sq mi), it is the largest of the Barlavento Islands group, and the second largest island of Cape Verde. [1] : 25 The nearest island is São Vicente to the southeast, separated by the sea channel Canal de São Vicente.

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Remote, stunning Santo Antao island is only accessible via the ferry that makes the hours' crossing from Mindelo in Sao Vicente, twice a day. It's worth the effort and this mountainous and sparsely-inhabited island draws in lovers of scenery and walking. You don't have to be a walker to appreciate the island -

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The natural treasure of Santo Antao island: Medium-level volcanic hike (4-5 hours of walking per day) to understand the geological pattern of the island. Discover the Cova volcano caldera, the mountain ranges and the black sand beaches through an unforgettable network of hiking trails. 1/4.

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Santo Antão is the most northern and the most western island of the archipelago, with the area of 779 km², maximum length of 43 km and maximum width of 24 km. The highest point is Topo de Coroa, 1979 m high. Understand Between Porto Novo and Ribeira Grande Santo Antão is a surprising island.

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Santo Antão is one of the greenest islands of Cape Verde and considered by many the most scenic. I, too, completely fell in love with this island with its majestic volcanic landforms and friendly people. At first, though, you might wonder "wait… is this it?".

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Santo Antão Island, northwesternmost island of Cape Verde in the Atlantic Ocean, about 400 miles (640 km) off the western African coast. It rises to Tope de Coroa (6,493 feet [1,979 metres]). Coffee, bananas, oranges, sugarcane, tobacco, and cinchona are cultivated on the island, and livestock are raised.

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Santo Antão is the northernmost and second-largest island of Cape Verde, with its 779 km². While in the north of the "Ilha das Montanhas", the island of mountains, spectacular, rugged mountain landscapes alternate with tropical green valleys and fascinating cliffs.

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To reach Santo Antão, the second largest and one of the most beautiful in Cape Verde, you must first disembark in Mindelo, São Vicente, the second largest city in the country. From there, it is a beautiful crossing of about 60 minutes of calm and blue sea to arrive at the port of Porto Novo on the island of Santo Antão. The hours of the.

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Things to Do in Santo Antao, Cape Verde: See Tripadvisor's 5,309 traveler reviews and photos of Santo Antao tourist attractions. Find what to do today, this weekend, or in January.. Santo Antão: Full-day Island Tour & Visit to Cova de Paúl Volcano Crater. 2. Food & Drink. from . $100. per adult (price varies by group size)

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Santo Antão is, without a doubt, Cape Verde's most visually striking island. Featuring chiseled canyons, terraced mountainsides, a vast network of hiking trails, and fertile river valleys, the vertical land mass is both hyperbolically beautiful and uniquely individual. I've never seen a place quite like Santo Antão.

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An island that seems worlds away from the golden sands of Sal or Boa Vista, Santo Antão offers holiday-makers the opportunity to embark on hiking and sightseeing explorations, in a place relatively untouched by tourism. Imagine breathtaking panoramas and deep ribeiras set against a bright blue sky - welcome to Santo Antão.

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Step one of traveling to Santo Antão: Flying into Cabo Verde from Europe or the USA You won't want to miss out on the spectacular lunar-like valleys on Santo Antão's Campo Redondo. Santo Antão does not have its own airport. Well technically it does, but it was shut down in the 1990s for being too dangerous!

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Santo Antão Cabo Verde, Africa For many people the main reason for visiting Cabo Verde is the spectacular island of Santo Antão. This dizzyingly vertical isle, ruptured with canyons, gorges and valleys, offers some of the most amazing hiking in West Africa.

Travel Guide to Santo Antão, A Wonderland For Hikers

A wonderful surprise Cape Verde is a place that has many places to discover and get to know. Santo Antão is a small refuge, different from the more well-known tourist places. Find out what you can do and why you should visit the island of Santo Antão during your vacation in Cape Verde. Santo Antão Island Cape Verde's best kept secret

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Santo Antão is one of the nine inhabited islands of Cape Verde, located in the Barlavento group in the northwest, and the second largest in the archipelago on the surface and the third in population, approximately 40 km long and 20 km wide.

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Santo Antao is mountainous, green and the second largest island in Cape Verde. The distance to the neighboring island of Sao Vicente is only 14 kilometers. Santo Antao is about 780 m2 and is home to approximately 45,000 people. The south of the island is more unpopulated.